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Jan 25, 2010 11:00am EST
liberal state in america, arguably, massachusetts, the people are telling us, please don't pass this bill. >> reporter: the obama team heard a voter call to fix the economy, add jobs. >> i'm not going to start fighting until we have jobs for everybody! >> reporter: analysts are skeptical. >> this president doesn't come easy to populism and it's not terribly convincing, but when you're in a panic, this is one of the things you do. and i think they're in a panic right now. >> reporter: obama advisers deny panic or a message overhaul. >> in washington, people look for signs, cues for their script to say, oh, you know, here's obama 2.0. this is obama -- this is the obama who ran for president. >> reporr: the president's tapped his '08 campaign manager, though, to come back and help democrats avoid more losses this fall. and on the day of the president's state of the union address, republicans begin meetings in hawaii, the president's birthplace, to plot their own strategy for the midterm elections. in washington, brooke hart, nbc news. >>> now to the latest from haiti. 20 nations will meet in
Jan 13, 2010 11:00am EST
meltdown. the heads of jpmorgan, bank of america, goldman sachs, and morgan stanley have been called to testify today. >>> happening today, members of the maryland general assembly are getting ready for the first day of a new session. lawmakers have 90 days to fix the state deficit of roughly $2 billion. governor martin o'malley says his main focus will be increasing job opportunities to help the state recover from the recession. he will also propose a new foreclosure law that would make it mandatory for borrowers and lenders to mediate their problems. >>> also at noon today, lawmakers in virginia will kick off their new legislative session. lawmakers there will have just 60 days to come up with ways to make up for a $4 billion shortfall in their budget. lawmakers say cuts are inevitable and every program from state universities to medicaid. state officials will also talk about a number of proposed laws, including one that would prohibit cell phones -- the use of cell phones while driving and a bill that would make it easier to obtain a handgun. >>> the pope has forgiven the woman wh
Jan 26, 2010 11:00am EST
's driving up complaints. >> let's make the tough choices. every family in america is having to do that today, and cutting our own budget. >> reporter: protected, too, should be the middle class, the president said, aiming a set of tax breaks at them. >> the proposals that make it a bit easier for families to get by, for students to get ahead, and for workers to retire. >> reporter: it came on the day a new poll confirmed american's top concerns, jobs and the economy. >> about two out of over five unemployed workers in this country have been unemployed for over six months. we've never seen anything like that before. >> reporter: can the president convince americans relief is ahead? >> i think people care much more about results, about the creation of jobs, about getting a handle with the deficit rather than they do about the next speech. >> the president of the united states. >> reporter: to americans tomorrow night. this morning congress's budget arm comes out with what's expected to be more bad news on the deficit. even his allies acknowledge the president's spending freeze would only make
Jan 27, 2010 11:00am EST
address and the stakes are high. tonight, president obama will speak to an america that is fed up with washington. a new poll shows 58% of americans think the country is on the wrong track. nbc's brooke hart reports. >> somebody who's willing to stand up -- >> reporter: they're the three words that energized candidate obama's campaign. >> say, yes, we can. >> reporter: but for president obama to try to revive that image tonight, pressing for change. >> i don't doubt that at times he'll be feisty. >> reporter: advisers say he'll prod the senate to pass a new jobs bill. he'll create his own panel to tackle the nation's deficit after lawmakers voted do the idea yesterday. republicans say he's wasted time. >> i think the president ought to start by saying we're going to put the health care bill on the shelf. >> reporter: from the white house, that won't happen. >> not sure that just because it's in doubt, the president has labored to give up on it. >> reporter: how the president handles health care now in limbo carries political risks. for almost a year, his team's top issue. >> they
Jan 28, 2010 11:00am EST
and innovation so america can better compete with the world. what government should not do is pile on more taxation, regulation and litigation that kills jobs and hurts the middle class. >> mcdonnell also criticized the democrats' excessive spending, saying the nation can't afford the spending they've enacted or the tax increases they have proposed. >>> taxes, afghanistan, iraq, "don't ask, don't tell," president obama touched on him all during the state of the union address but he did not mention d.c. voting rights and that has some people upset. news4's tracee wilkins joins us live from democratic national headquarters with morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the first district and two different special guests yesterday for the state of the union address. but many district residents are saying that the white house left out something very important for the people of d.c. thousands of letters and signatures to president obama begging, and still there was no mention of voting rights for d.c. in his state of the union address last night. >> apparently he was -- did not find a w
Jan 5, 2010 11:00am EST
to be called into active duty. >> the people who are out there defending america, the men and women, both the young and the more senior, are very courageous people. and they're real heroes. and they deserve good medical care. >> reporter: l says his family is supporting his decision, because the military has been a common thread for all five of his children, including these two sons who are now west point cadets. >> it is difficult, because it's been going on for so long. the conflict has been going on for so long. the injuries are life changing, so that part is hard. >> reporter: colonel lao knows that working in an o.r. in a war zone will be a completely different experience from the safety of a d.c. hospital. it's a huge challenge, but one with great rewards. >> in some ways, clarified, because there are no issues of insurance and all of that sort of situation and medicine. it's really just take care of the patient, which is what we all signed on as doctors in the first place. >> reporter: doreen gensler, news 4. >> dr. lao expects to be in afghanistan for about three months. he expect
Jan 12, 2010 11:00am EST
in chinese to show the americas. over the centuries, the map gained the nickname, the impossible black tulip, because it has been so hard to find. but last year, a trust purchased the map for $100 from a rare book several in london. it will eventually be housed at the university of minnesota. the library of congress display begins today and lasts for three months. >> very cool. >> have to get there to look at it. >> can't touch it, obviously. >> it's amazing how crude the maps were back then and how navigation was. i just finished a biography of magellan, and it's still to me, quite astounding what they did back then, to all the way around, circumnavigate the globe, took them two years to do it, but an accomplishment that still lives to this day. quite an achievement. here this morning, as we take a look around our region, we have had quite a bit of cloudiness in and out, but we did start out with a little bit of sunshine. this is a scene just about, oh, 30 minutes after dawn. and we're squeezing a couple of hourdown to just 30 seconds here. we can see these clouds rolling through from the
Jan 18, 2010 11:00am EST
intervention. united states of america needs to get to the hotel montana and get our children, now! >> eight members from that lynn university group were found safely and have since returned to the united states. and there are also other ways you can help the people of haiti. log on to our website,, and you can find a list of legitimate organizations that are collecting donations. just search the word "help" once you get to the site. there's also a link in the middle of the home page. >>> the community service program wizards care and wizards guard mike miller are partnering with a unicef group to host a haiti reliefollection at today's game. all fans attending the game can take part by making monetary donations at all entrances prior to the game. all donations collected will go directly to unicef. and guard mike miller has pledged to donate $1,000 to unicef for every three pointer he makes in the wizards game today. >>> we want to update you now on that breaking news we brought you a little earlier in the newscast. an earthquake has just hit guatemala. a 6.0 magnitude quak
Jan 20, 2010 11:00am EST
of the reason for the decline. so far, bank of america has reported a bigger loss than expected of $5.2 billion. that's compared with a net loss of $2.4 billion a share, or $4 billion total, 48 cents a share at this time last year. well, fargo surprising the street, though, reporting a profit of $2.82 billion or 8 cents a share. morgan stanley falling short of estimates, posting a fourth quarter profit of just $413 million. that was helped by an upswing in its investment banking business. we also got some shaky economic data. producer prices rose only 0.2%, but the core rate was unchanged, and all producer prices rose 4.4% for the year of 2009. housing starts unexpectedly fell in december, but building permits, an indication o future activity, did rise strongly. we have some competing signals here, but still the market is trading lower on some of those less-than-optimal figures we've gotten so far today. >>> and unemployment is expected to peak this year, but a new report says the jobless rate in many cities will likely stay high for several years to come. the u.s. conference of mayors says une
Jan 21, 2010 11:00am EST
of america and morgan stanley. also china restricting lending by banks raising concerns china's economic growth may slow. that in turn would hurt the global recovery so asian markets were mixed overnight. europe has turned higher. first-time claims for jobless benefits this morning jumped by 36,000 last week to 482,000. that's a shame because economists had expected a slight drop. goldman sachs though, blockbuster earnings. earned $8.20 a share for its latest quarter. that's a full $3 above wall street's estimates. that was good news. but a lot of it being overshadowed by wt's going on today with the president. president obama wants to keep big banks on a shorter leash. he's just finished an announcement moments ago. he's proposing new rules that would limit the size and scope of bank activities. the aimo deter banks from becoming so large that they put the broader economy at risk. the restrictions include prohibiting commercial banks from using customer deposits and borrowed money for risky investments. as you can imagine, this has been brought about by strong opposition to there are so
Jan 22, 2010 11:00am EST
team wants the judge to sentence the 76-year-old without forcing him back to america for the sentencing, but prosecutors want the film director to appear in court. polanski is currently under house arrest in his luxurious home in switzerland for having sex with a 13-year-old child. >> georgia man is counting his blessings this morning. >> i was just ride iing, smilin and all of a sudden, boom! and i looked over my right should and it was looking me dead in the face. >> clarence johnson is recovering after a deer came crashing through his car window and head butted him. he thinks the deer was trying to jump over his suv, but fell short of that. johnson swerved out of the lane until he was able push the deer out of the window. aside from a few cuts, bruises and a sprained neck, johnson is okay and so is the deer. he ran off. johnson believed the rain saved his life. was going at a very slow speed when the deer crashed into him. >> wow. >>> coming up in the next half hour of "news 4 midday," president obama is in cleveland this morning. he'll talk to workers and business owners about putti
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11